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Building directive with AngularJs

Creating custom directives is one of the most powerful feature of Angularjs and in this tutorial you will learn to building angularjs directives to extend HTML functionality.

7 Ways to Search for Job while You are Currently Employed

It can give you added pressure during search for job while you are working in an organisation and stressful too. There are few ways to make it comfortable.

Hybrid Mobile App Development Tools

By using web technologies and few tools you can create a mobile app for every major platform easily. Here you can find few tools and steps to build an app.

How to become a hacker

A hacker is a developer with much more skill and experience than just a usual developer. To become a developer you must develop few skills in you.

How to Achieve Career Goals in IT Industry

To become a successful person you must have some goals in your career. To achieve career goals in IT industry you have to become a better & quick learner.

Real Time Currency Converter by using AngularJS

In this article I will teach you how to create a real time currency converter by using angularjs. AngularJS is a framework based on JavaScript.

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