Terms and Conditions


1. Service

Shibaji Debnath (“Provider”) shall provide the Customer (“Client”) with trainers for the purpose of training in the use of computer software (the “Services”) and/or Personal Development / Soft Skills training. The Services are limited to training. It is not the trainer’s responsibility to write applications for the Clients during the training session or to become involved in discussions as to the suitability of the package.

2. Course Content

Highpoint must be notified of any special requirements a reasonable time before the course and in any event not later than 5 clear working days before the course. Additional requirements may incur additional costs.

3. Venue

The course will be held at the Clients premises. In the event that the training course is being held off site, Shibaji Debnath undertakes to source a venue that is suitable as a training location and confirm the costs with the client before booking.

4. Insurance

The Client undertakes to procure that there is sufficient Employer’s Liability Insurance for training conducted on the Client’s premises.

5. Fees

Shibaji Debnath will provide the Services at the agreed rate as per the written quotation.

6. Settlement Fee

An invoice will be submitted after the course has taken place by post. All invoices are payable in full 14 days from the date of invoice.

7. Notification of Dissatisfaction

If for any reason the Client is not happy with the services Shibaji Debnath has provided then the Client must notify Shibaji Debnath within three working days after the first date on which the service took place. If the Client fails to notify Highpoint within the foresaid three working days then the Client hereby agrees that the invoice is acceptable and payable in full. The Client may notify Shibaji Debnath of dissatisfaction by telephone, but this must be confirmed in writing.

8. Cancellation

Subject to any alternative agreement being reached by the Client and Shibaji Debnath, once a booking form has been signed as confirmation of a booking, cancellation by the Client of any course will incur the following fees, together with all disbursements:

0-3 working days notice – 50% of booking fee

In the event of cancellation of courses with 3 days or more notice, there will be no booking fee.

9. Non Solicitation of Trainers

The Client agrees that it shall not for a period of one year from the date of the last course solicit or entice away either on its own behalf or in conjunction with any other or on behalf of any other person firm or company any trainer provided by Shibaji Debnath. In the event that a trainer accepts full-time employment with the Client a fee of 35% of the then annual market income (such rate to be decided upon by Shibaji Debnath at its absolute discretion) for a similarly qualified trainer will be payable. This will be invoiced by Shibaji Debnath forthwith and payment will be due within 14 days.