Master in WordPress Development Training

Master in WordPress Development Training in Kolkata | Learn PHP Programming

Creating a customized WordPress development training program involves covering various aspects of WordPress, including themes, plugins, customization, and best practices. Here’s a sample outline for a WordPress Development Training Course:

Course Details:

Module 1: Introduction to WordPress Development

– Understanding the WordPress ecosystem.

– Setting up a local development environment.

Module 2: Theme Development

– Creating a custom WordPress theme from scratch.

– Integrating CSS and JavaScript for design and interactivity.

– Responsive design principles for mobile-friendly websites.

Module 3: Plugin Development

– Building custom WordPress plugins.

– Utilizing hooks and filters for functionality.

– Best practices for secure and efficient plugins.

Module 4: Advanced WordPress Techniques

– Custom post types and taxonomies.

– Customizing the WordPress admin.

– Implementing AJAX for dynamic content.

Module 5: PHP for WordPress

– PHP basics and syntax.

– Understanding PHP in the context of WordPress.

Module 6: WordPress APIs

– Exploring RESTful API for WordPress.

– Integrating external APIs into WordPress.

Module 7: Performance Optimization

– Caching strategies for improved performance.

– Minification and optimization of assets.

Module 8: Security Best Practices

– WordPress security fundamentals.

– Securing themes and plugins.

Module 9: Debugging and Troubleshooting

– Tools and techniques for debugging WordPress.

– Common troubleshooting scenarios.

Module 10: Real-World Projects

– Applying learned concepts to practical projects.

– Building a custom WordPress site.

Certification and Assessment

– Course completion certificate.

– Practical assessments and project evaluations.

Enrollment Benefits:

– Access to a dedicated learning platform.

– Live Q&A sessions and forums.

– Continuous support from experienced WordPress developers.


– Basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and PHP.

– Familiarity with WordPress basics.

Remember to tailor the details based on the specific content, duration, and goals of your WordPress development training program. Highlight the hands-on nature of the course and the practical skills participants will gain.

WordPress Development Training

Price: ₹12,000.00/- OR $153.00/-
Duration: 30 Hours
Prerequisite: Basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and PHP
Class Type: Online Live Class
Class Mode: Personalised

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