What is MEAN Stack? Why MEAN Stack is popular now?

MEAN Stack is standing for  MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS. These four javascript solutions create a high performing web application. Mainly JavaScript is the frontend language. It’s working with HTML, CSS. But now JavaScript also working on Server Side. But JavaScript not working on the server-side directly. NodeJS creates the javascript compilation environments. NodeJS coding structures are sometimes complex for the traditional coder who has to know about C, C++, Java, PHP, etc.

NodeJS APIs are executed with C language. Most of the NodeJS Coding structure written by Asynchronize design pattern. Through NodeJS, you can be developed desktop/mobile apps also. This is so much powerful platform for the software developers. Once you can understand about JavaScript and NodeJS, then you can be developed all type of application using this.

AngularJS is most well-known technology.  Most of the software developer knows about it. AngularJS is the frontend JS framework. It’s enhanced the coding pattern for the UI developers. There have so many concepts have for the developer. Like Directives, Scopes, Services, Factory, Promises, configuration etc. If you want to learn about more the follow my blog’s articles.

ExpressJS is the server side development framework. If you wanted to create a web application then you need to be using ExpressJS. ExpressJS can be handle website pages, routeing, controllers, model etc. Fullstack website development supports will be getting from it.

MongoDB is the JavaScript-based database. It’s developed for BigDB.  NoSQL query language is using here. This database is the perfect match for MEAN Stack development. We can easily store picture and movie data with bytecode. This database working performance the better from another database. Here has lots of memory management/optimisation process.

If you are wanted to discover as a software. Then you can be learning about MEAN Stack. MEAN is sometimes easy to learning. If you will get proper guideline for study. Most of the newcomers are confused about the development process. Which  Programming language will help me grow up my knowledge as a software developer. For This process, You need to learn about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, And JavaScript worked frontend/client side as well as it works as server end also. Every type of knowledgeable people/developer can develop their desire software with this knowledge.

MEAN Stack learning process too much easy. But most of the time new developers/learner cannot understand how to study this process.  The main problem is distributed documentation for MEAN Stack. And another problem is there have so many procedures to develop your software using MEAN Stack software.

Sometimes some people ask me how to published my MEAN Stack software. what is the best server for using this type of application?

MEAN Stack software too much easy to distribution process at this moments. But you wanted to serve your application online, then you needed cloud server. I will suggest digital ocean best of for every type of developers. Also, you can Sign up with this link and you get $10 after confirmation of your account.


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