Top 5 Programming Languages in 2024

In this article, I will discuss about Top 5 Programming Languages in 2024. So many software developers / Students / Newcomers are thinking Which software programming language is the best in 2024? Which programming language will help most in the IT Industry?

From my experience, I realized so many software programming languages are available now. All software programming languages have some advantages/disadvantages. But All programming syntaxes are quite impossible.  but I think my choosable top 5 programming languages lessons will you to grow your best career in 2019.

  1. JavaScript: This is the most popular language in the last few years. and it will be popular in the future. With this programming language, you can develop any kind of software, games, web applications, and mobile applications, If you want to develop a machine learning process for your application you can do this. It has ML Frameworks which help our machine learning-enabled apps easily. Blockchain technology can be developed by javascript also.
  2. PHP: PHP is a Serverside programming language. Most of the websites are developed on it. It is the biggest open-source software solution provided by this language. But So Many newcomers first time start their career with this programming language. But this language has so many limitations. For that reason, It gets 5th position in my list.
  3. Python: This programming language is in the 3rd position in my list. This programming language is too easy. It can teach anyone. Non-programmers can learn it quickly. this programming language can be embedded with another language.  This programming language helps you to make any desired app quickly. But In the advanced part, it is quite hard. For this reason, It gets the 3rd position in my list.
  4.  C#: This programming language was developed by Microsoft. When it comes to the software technology field. that time It only runs and executes Windows OS. But now this language is available for other OS platforms. For that reason, Its popularity is growing. And Microsoft software engineers give so many development tools for software developers to build any kind of software easily. But it has the biggest problem is the customizable process for the app developers. for this reason, It gets the 3rd position in my list.
  5. Java: This programming language has so much popularity in the Software Development Fields. By programming language, you can develop any kind of software. This software coding learning process is a little bit harder than other coding syntaxes.
Top 5 Programming Languages in 2024

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