Is a full-stack developer course suitable for you?

A full-stack developer course is good or not.

This time, so many people want to learn about a full-stack developer course. Is this course beneficial for your career? Currently, many students are looking for a full-stack development course, but they do not know whether that course is really helpful or not. Their primary focus is on high-salary jobs, but they need to know whether those kinds of jobs really exist in these fields or not.

So many institutes take huge amounts of money from students by showcasing these job trends. but when you want to start learning these courses. You must have knowledge about market needs, your capabilities for learning, and your dedication to technology.

When you invest so much money in these fields, you must know, after completing these courses, what opportunities exist if you do not get a job after completing these courses What is the next opportunity from these courses? Once you learn all the things, you can apply these skills individually. Do you make money after completing these courses as an individual software developer? These are all things to keep in mind.

Why do I say it in this article? Because I am a software developer, I have worked in this field for 15 years. I know technology trends and there is a demand in the field. I worked on so many bigger projects and also worked as a senior software developer and software architect.

But when I started as a mentor, I saw how many students were misguided by other training institutions. They mainly focus on high-salary jobs, and after completing a course, they place their students in a company. However, institutes are not fulfilling their commitments. And failure of the commitments caused by the student’s lack of knowledge and practices. but institutions are not provided with proper knowledge and expertise after taking lots of money from the students.

I am very offended by this process. If everything is a problem for a student when they are not getting a job after completing that course, then I think the fault is with those training institutions, not the students. Because the students want to learn those technologies, and for that, they are paying lots of money to the institute. You will find lots of training institutes on Google Search and Google Maps. They are also committed to their ads through their marketing channels. So, I already told you the real scenario of the training institutes.

Now, I am talking about the full-stack development course. What is this course? and how to learn it properly.

Full-stack development means that you can develop software using lots of knowledge and skills using front-end and back-end technologies. As a software developer, you must have coding skills. But which coding skills are good for you? As a software developer, you may learn any software programming language, starting with software development coding. For that, you may learn Python, PHP, JavaScript, or whatever you can choose. But as a full-stack software developer, you must know the JavaScript programming language. Because without JavaScript, you cannot develop your software or application’s frontend.

So, why is JavaScript so important now?

When you want to develop your application frontend using popular frameworks like Angular, ReactJS, VueJS, and Svelte, you must have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Because every browser supports it. Also, many front-end libraries are based on the JavaScript language, like ChartJS and ThreeJS.

So if you have an interest in learning about JavaScript, then you have many very good resources available online. If you are a complete beginner, then you can follow JavaScript tutorials from W3Schools. If your knowledge and skills are at an intermediate level, then you should learn JavaScript from the Mozilla Foundation website. Also, if you want to learn about Advanced JavaScript skills, then you can follow Pattern.dev is very good for Javascript developers.

Also, you have knowledge and skills for practical project development. If you want to learn practically, then you can follow this training link. Here, you get complete knowledge of professional JavaScript skills. More than 1000 students join this training class. And they work as professional software developers. So if you are interested in learning about this, take action and join the online sessions, which are very effective for newcomers and intermediate software developers.

Next, you should learn about the backend or server-side things.

Only the front end is not enough for full-stack developers. If you want to be a full-stack software developer, then you must have knowledge and skills in backend development. The backend is the main pillar of today’s software. Every type of business wants to operate their business online. if you want to work as a software developer, you must have the skills and knowledge required for backend technology. For that reason, you can choose PHP and Laravel for the backend. But If you want to choose Java and Spring Boot or DotNet and C# programming languages and frameworks, that is also good.

But my recommendation is for beginners. You can choose JavaScript as a backend with ExpressJS, NestJS, and AdonisJS. Although This JavaScript-based backend is not working very well in India, if you want to get highly paid projects and jobs from the USA and UK, then JavaScript-based technology is most required.

But if you are an experienced software developer and you are working as a VB software developer, and if you want to scale up your software to the next version, then my suggestion is that you can go with PHP and Laravel. Because it’s supported everywhere for the backend technology.

This way, you can understand the need for learning and development as a full-stack developer.

Next, you should understand the different types of web servers.

When you start learning as a full-stack developer, you must have some basic understanding and knowledge about domain and website hosting, or server knowledge. When we are working as website and software developers, we must understand clients’ needs and requirements, as well as their budgets. As per client needs and budgets, we are used to the technology that is the best fit for their needs.

Generally, we host applications using 3 different types of hosting.

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Virtual Hosting
  3. Cloud Hosting

These 3 types of hosting knowledge are required when you are working as a full-stack developer. because these 3 types of hosting have different types of features and budgets are required for them.

  1. Shared Hosting: This hosting service is very low-cost, and it supports only the PHP language or PHP environment. For these reasons, if you are working as a freelancer and most of your clients are doing small-scale business, then their budgets are also low. For this reason, you can use this type of server. Also, this type of server management is very easy.
  2. Virtual Hosting: This hosting service is cost-effective and supports all types of programming languages and environments. But as a full-stack developer, you should grab the proper knowledge. because this type of server management process is harder than shared hosting. and this type may be more secure and unsecured if you lack the necessary knowledge and are unable to manage it effectively.
  3. Cloud Hosting: This type of hosting is very expensive. and you may not manage as a full-stack developer. For this part, you need to hire a skilled server administrator. For this reason, the cost is so much higher than other hosting, and development and managing the application lifecycle are much harder than on other servers. So many clients cannot afford it. Only big businesses can afford these types of hosting services for their business.

So, It is all about the Full-stack developer’s skills to know when you start work. If you are a beginner, then you may not start with full-stack developer courses. because lots of learning and expertise are required. But if you want to be a future full-stack developer, then you can start learning with Angular or ReactJs, which are the best prerequisites for MEAN stack and MERN stack development for full-stack developers.

Is a full-stack developer course suitable for you

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