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Are you looking for the best JavaScript training in Kolkata? Then you have come absolutely to the right place. Recently, JavaScript in web technology has vast demands for developing a website. If you want to build your career as a web developer, having expertise in JavaScript is foremost important. To learn JavaScript, the best option is to avail yourself of JavaScript training courses from experts. Shibaji Debnath is providing the complete javascript course in Kolkata to guide aspirants like you. Gathering knowledge from professionals of the web technology field only can help you to improve your web developing skills with JavaScript.

Don’t you have adequate knowledge of JavaScript? It will be better if someone teaches you JavaScript from the beginning and step-by-step? If you are thinking about it and looking for a javascript training near me, you are in the right place at this moment. Here, we start javascript training classes from the very beginning and wisely travel to the advanced level. So, here at Shibaji Debnath, you can learn javascript step by step with the assistance of skilled and experienced faculties.

JS is the abbreviation of JavaScript. It is a dynamic, high-level, untyped, interpreted run-time scripting language. Recently, all web browsers support JavaScript without the requirements of any plug-in. Our advanced javascript training center in Kolkata is furnished with great infrastructure along with lab facilities. We hired talented faculties to serve you the best Javascript training in Kolkata. Let’s look at our Javascript training syllabus.

Our JavaScript Training Courses Details

JavaScript Basics

  • JavaScript – Overview
  • JavaScript – Syntax
  • JavaScript – Enabling
  • JavaScript – Placement
  • JavaScript – Variables
  • JavaScript – Operators
  • JavaScript – If…Else
  • JavaScript – Switch Case
  • JavaScript – While Loop
  • JavaScript – For Loop
  • JavaScript – For..in
  • JavaScript – Loop Control
  • JavaScript – Functions
  • JavaScript – Cookies
  • JavaScript – Page Redirect
  • JavaScript – Dialog Boxes
  • JavaScript – Void Keyword
  • JavaScript -Page Printing

JavaScript Objects

  • JavaScript – Objects
  • JavaScript – Number
  • JavaScript – Boolean
  • JavaScript – Strings
  • JavaScript – Array
  • JavaScript – Date
  • JavaScript – Math
  • JavaScript – RegExp
  • JavaScript – HTML DOM

JavaScript Advance

  • JavaScript – Error Handling
  • JavaScript – Validating
  • JavaScript – Animation
  • JavaScript – Multimedia
  • JavaScript – Debugging
  • JavaScript – Image Map
  • JavaScript on Browsers


  • jQuery basics and functions
  • Using selectors with jQuery
  • jQuery event model
  • Animation and advanced effects with jQuery
  • jQuery plugins
  • Manipulating page elements with jQuery

JavaScript Frameworks

  • What is JavaScript Frameworks?
  • Why we needs Frameworks.
  • How can we used the Frameworks
  • NodeJS Introduction and Fundamental Training
  • ReactJS Or Angular Fundamental Training

Prompt Enginneering For Coding

  • What is Prompt Enginneering?
  • How can used for Programming for Correct Way?
  • How can Implemented Your codes using AI?
  • Your critical tasks makes easier with AI.
  • How can improved your Skills using AI.
  • How can Solved Your Coding problems By AI.
  • How can be develop Any Application using AI.
  • What is Advantages and Dis Advantages using AI?
  • What is the Limitation of Artificial Intellegence?
  • How can be secure your Career using AI?
  • How can be prepaire for Interviews using AI?
  • How can be Thinking Any Idea Quickly helps of AI?

Therefore, to learn JavaScript, you only need to have a brief concept of web designing. But if you don’t have so, no problem! You can avail the website designing training course from us.

As you can see, beside javascript training, we also provide advanced javascript course for you. Our javascript training course duration is only 20 hours, that means you can learn JavaScript completely within that time duration. In this era, you need to learn smart and fast. As fast as you can learn something with perfection, you grow in your life swiftly. Our course fee for JavaScript training classes is also economical, so that, you can easily avail it.

Finally, at Shibaji Debnath, you can learn JavaScript within 20 hours with the guidance of experienced faculties at reasonable prices. Here you not only get Javascript classroom training but also avail the practical classes as well. At the end of the course, you will get a chance to showcase your skills with a project on JavaScript. So, what more do you want? Book your seat at our JavaScript training in Kolkata today and avail the best javascript course from experts. Act now!


Price: ₹8,000.00/- OR $102.00/-
Duration: 20 Hours
Prerequisite: Basic Website Design, JavaScript Knowledge
Class Type: Online Live Class
Class Mode: Personalised

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    All classes are awesome. Once you will learn, you will never forget.

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    Excellent teaching. I have learned a lot from him! Very grateful to have him as a teacher.

    Soumya Ghosh
    Rating: 5 Star

    Before registering for a training I was much hesitant as I used to learn myself. Later due to my tight schedules and lack of time for learning myself – I recently attended crash training on few Front-end Development technologies with Shibaji.

    Ravikumar Aremarati
    Rating: 5 Star

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