What is The Website Application Development Flow?

Website Development is important for most of the businesses, For that reason so many software hired the software companies or businesses. But Most of the time I realised so many software developers is available on the market. But they have faced some problem to choose the technology that will be effective in the future in website development. Most the software developer choose PHP and MySql for the Website Development Or some another choose JAVA or C#. But JAVA and C# are the harder than PHP for that reason so many software programmers choose PHP for Website Development. But My Personal Opinion is  JavaScript is The Best Option for Website Development Process. I will elaborate discussion in another article about JavaScript.

This Article is writing for the Website Development flow. Website Development is the Big Process for that we have to know so many things to develop A website. But I try to simplify the process to achieve as a website developer. For this part, 5 things to be known for website Development

  1. Basic Website Page designing with Html, CSS, JavaScript And Responsive designing with Bootstrap and JQuery.
  2. Then Must be known about Server-Side Technology. Like PHP, JAVA, C# or JavaScript, PYTHON etc.
  3. Then Must be basic knowledge about Database. Like: MySql, SQLServer, SQLite, MongoDB etc.
  4. Software/Website Requirement Analysis/ Development and Testing for publishing.
  5. Then Must be Understand About  Cloud / Shared Server handling knowledge.

1. Basic Website page designing with HTML, CSS, JavaScript…

When we are planning to develop our website. then we must have knowledge of Website Designing with HTML, CSS, JavaScript. This is the very basic knowledge of website development process. Also after learning these topics must have knowledge about Bootstrap, JQuery. It will be enhanced your website designing quickly.  Using Bootstrap you can be created the responsive website. Who doesn’t know about the responsive website they can search on the google.  So this is 1st important part of website development. Also after learning this, you may apply for the job as a website designer.

2. Server-side development…

When you wanted to start application development knowledge that time must know about server-side technology. For that, you can be learning about Server-side JS(NodeJS/ MEAN Stack). Java, PHP, Python, Ruby etc. All the technology is based on the same concept. But syntax is different. And when you are creating an application using these programming languages, there maintain some development flow like this. eg. a. front-end, b. back-end.

Front-end: Front-end is the client side of a website. which is showing everyone without login. Like Index, About, Products/Services Details, Photo Gallery, blogs, contacts etc.

Back-end: Back-end is the admin side of the user/administrator.  Where website user/admin can handle the front end part of content updates. product/service can be added, edit, delete/manage from admin panel. There you can be created different types of users with different permissions. Generally Two type of users you can be created like Admin/User. Admin can set up the user’s authentication permission or enable/disable/delete. User most of the time can be ready their own content and add/modify their contents.

3. Knowledge of Database…

The database is the most important for every application. When you start developing an application that time you need to be used the database for storing the data/website contents. You don’t need too much learning about this at the starting point. But basic syntax and concept are needed for application development. We have so many database software Like SQL Server, MySql, Oracle, DB2, SQLite etc. All this database follow a particular language which called SQL(Structured Query Language) also called Standard Language.

4. Software Testing and Quality Control…

When you are completed your software development. Then need to be checkup the functionality and software requirements and quality control of the software. It is the very important part when you are developing an application/website. After completing the development you must have some knowledge about automated software testing tools. Like UnitTest/Selenium Testing etc.

5. Server Hosting/ Publishing the project on Internet/world.

After Testing, you will be distributed the project through the web server. In this time we have so many server types is available. Mainly 2 types of server available currently. A. Shared Server, B. Cloud Server.

A. Shared Server: This is Small web space with lots of limitation. This server for only beginners level users who starting there learning the process. Who is developing some website application using PHP script they can use this type of website mainly. There have so Shared Server Provider is available like GoDaddy, HostGator etc. After purchase, you will be getting Cpanel for easiest controlling interface of your hosting. There you can be managed your hosting easily.

B. Cloud Server: This is the big server space or without limitation. Here you can Host any kind of software, build up from here. Large-scale Professional Software can be developed with this platform. But It is not easy to use. For this, you must have so much knowledge about Linux/Unix operating system.  Also, have good knowledge of console programming/handling process. Here don’t have any user interface only console mode is available.  Sometimes is costly. If you are not building any professional software then It will be Too much costly. But You have a business. And your business process going through online then must be used cloud server. Otherwise, you couldn’t expand your business quickly.

I think you. You may understand the flow of website development. It is the very basic information about Website development flow. Next, I will be discussed technology. Which is the required in the Software Industry.

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