Why You Should Learn Java ?

Java is having a buzz everywhere, everyone wants to learn java. There are plenty of reasons that make it one of the best programming languages to learn and to develop software applications.

In this article I am going to discuss few features of java that makes it a must to learn Java programming.

Simple and Easy

Java is Easy to learn computer programming language. The syntax of Java is very clear. It has simple English like syntax. Anyone can read a java program and learn coding quickly.

OOPs Concept

Object oriented programming is considered as best approach when it comes to software development. Each entity is called an object that makes easier to model the real world. Java is an Object Oriented Programming language. OOPS applications are flexible and extensible. Java gives flexibility to use OOPS concept like Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism and Inheritance.

Rich Library

Java is having rich libraries for data structure, math’s functions, strings, Input / output functions. You can lean basics of java and can use these libraries to make complex or big computer programs fast. You can also use external libraries like Apache Commons, Google Guava, and others.

Easy Development tools

Java is not only featured rich language it also provides easy powerful development tools like eclipse and net beans. These are best integrated development environment that makes coding easy.

There are several other tools in java are available for making programmers lives easier like Java applications, decompiles, JConsole, Visual VM etc are few examples.

Java Frameworks

If you know java there are plenty of frame works available to build applications. Spring, Struts, Maven are some popular frameworks of java .These java frame works use design patterns and make Java developers to create big or small applications fast.

Available Code

Java is very popular language and there are heaps of codes samples and examples are available on the internet. Before writing your own code, you can make a search to see whether there is sample code is available. You can find already written and tested code. This code is sometimes ready to use or other times you can modify and add tweaks.

FREE to use

Big reason for java popularity is its simplicity and FREE to use. Anyone can create java applications without any fee. Any organization can use java without any licenses.

Platform Independent

Today platform independency is the prerequisite of every programming language. Java gains popularity due to its platform independent feature. You can write code anywhere or on platform and easily run on another. No wonder many popular Java applications are developed in Windows environment and run in UNIX platform.


Today java applications are everywhere on laptop, desktop and smart mobiles. Almost every electronic devices use java. Thus it is the best programming language for new or old professional. Android apps development is also based on java.

Immense Career Potential

The big reason we recommend learning java it is immense career potential .As we know java is everywhere so the jobs are available in every corner. Skilled java programmers earn good salaries and have a good future growth insight.

Here I must include one thing, that there are lots of things in Java that proves its awesomeness and reasons to learn. But I have just discussed only a few of them, so if you can think of any other important point that I missed you can share it with me in the comment section below.

So what are the other reasons to learn Java in your opinion?

why you should learn java

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