Which Programming Language Should I Learn?

It is always a burning question among computer science students; the question is which programming language should I learn to make a better career. In fact, the question is not easy to answer. However, I include some points that will help you.

If you want to be a successful professional in the software field. It is best to have mastery in application development as well as front-end designing. Thus, a learning curve can be divided in parallel into two categories of languages. One is set in languages that make you a developer second the set of language that make you a designer.

How to become pro in any computer language

It is must to have proficiency in the language you choose. Most companies need professionals those have proficiency in specific language rather than having only surface knowledge of many languages. Thus, it is must to have your focus only on any one particular language and become a pro so that you can handle projects or applications with confidence. On that rather focusing on many different languages will leave you nowhere as only basic knowledge of any language has no use in the real world. The only way to master any langue is to practice and practice more.

Trending Languages to become Developer

I suggest you become a master in at least one language that gives tools for developing an application. If we include current trend then it is sure python and java are really in demand and both of these are the technology of future. Python is easy to learn and trending in the industry right now where java has its huge library and so many design patterns to apply to application development.

1. Java

Java is a rich language .That is having the big set of libraries. Many java features are exclusive. Security, object -oriented; machine independent, robustness, distributed features make it the choice of big and trusted companies.

2. Python

If you are looking for a language that is easy to learn and trending in industry, Python is the best answer. You can get mastery in it if you practice well. Sure it is less hard to learn Python than java.

Learn HTML & CSS to be fit in Designer role -.

HTML & CSS are front-end designing languages and it is must for everyone to have mastery in these technologies. HTML forms the basic structure of any applications especially the web application and CSS is used to decorate and add more functionality to these web pages.

So you must know to remain competitive in the industry, it is must you have skills of development as well as designing. You can choose python or java as application development. It will be easy to get a developer role in any organization if you learn any of these languages. Second HTML and CSS will help you to grab a designer role in any organization comfortably.  If you know this basic, you will get the job easily. Dual skills of development and designing will be an extra advantage.

which programming language should i learn

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