Top 7 Software Professional Web Designers Commonly Use

Web design refers the design of websites, which we normally see on the internet. If you are doing business, having its website is utmost important because a website allows you to business online. If you have a business website, an aboard person can know about your website and your business. Thus, your business will popular soon. A business website helps your business to establish the reliability and trustworthiness. So, if you ever think to do business, never forget to create a website of it.

But, for online marketing purpose, having only a website is enough? Is it provide ample visitors and customers? Obviously Not! You should need to put your time and effort into it. First of all, you need to design your website as attractive, appealing and eye-catching as when someone visits it for the first time, they must stay at the page for a while and say WOW, JUST AMAZING!

If you are a web designer, just think that how it would be if you can know the names of those softwares that adept web designers widely use to work on websites! It will quite easy for you to design a stunning website. Right? Here, I’ll discuss 7 top softwares that professional web designers commonly use to work on a website. Therefore, if you are learning website designing, must learn the functions and usage of the seven softwares. So, let’s directly dive into it.

Professional website designers/developers use various software to create a website. Those softwares can be shattered into several categories. 

For example:

  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Development
  • Testing / Debugging

Software for PLANNING

I. Microsoft Word is the most preferable software for web designers and developers for planning or administration. In this software, they can easily create sitemaps and notes for their web project.

Software for DESIGNING

II. Photoshop is the most popularly used software for designing. This software is an Adobe’s product widely baptized as image creation, photo editing, and graphic designing software. Web designers remarkably favor this software for creating wireframes and designing websites.

III. Similarly, Photoshop, another Adobe’s product named, Illustrator is vastly used software to design graphics/ illustrations for web projects by the designers.

Software for DEVELOPMEN

IV. Many web developers prefer Notepad++, the lightweight text editor for hand programming. Here, they can write HTML, CSS code for a website easily. It is a useful hand programming software for small static websites but not suitable for advanced programming. Therefore, for basic level coding, this software is the most preferable one to the professional web developers.

V. For working on advanced programming, website developers prefer Sublime Text. It is a sophisticated text-editing software contains ample features than Notepad++. Sublime Text is a useful software for hand coding to small and large both websites.


VI. For testing a website or mobile application across different operating systems, on-demand browsers, and real mobile devices, Browserstack is the commonly used software by web developers. It is a cloud web and mobile testing platform widely used by professionals. It is also free of cost and provides ample facilities for testing.

VII. For live debugging, editing, and monitoring of any website, professional web developers foremostly think about Firebug, because it helps to inspect HTML/CSS, debug the JavaScript, find errors quickly, and offers much more facilities. It is basically an open-source web browser extension for Mozilla Firefox.

Basically, the demand for softwares depends on the type of Website programming. In the world, there have lots of web designers and web developers are available and they all use their comfortable softwares according to the architecture and complexity of programs. Here, the discussed seven softwares are all frontend programming software, which are common and most widely used softwares by professional web designers  and web developers. So, if you are a web designer or a developer must try these softwares and believe me, you will get a better result for sure.

Shibaji Debnath

Ex Google Software Developer and Instructor

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