The Key Difference between jQuery and AngularJS

jQuery and AngularJS both are javascript libraries. Each of this two has their own advantages to creating web applications. In this article, I am going to discuss some of the difference between jQuery and angular js.


jQuery is a feature-rich JavaScript library. These libraries contain API that works fine across a multitude of browsers. It works for HTML document traversal and manipulation. It is also used for event handling and animation. jQuery also makes Ajax much simpler. With the help of jQuery, you can easily manipulate the contents of a web page.

  • The main purpose of jQuery is the easier use of JavaScript on your website.
  • It simplifies using JavaScript on a website and it’s lightweight so it is fast.
  • It helps in applying styles to UI to makes them more attractive.
  • jQuery wraps functionalities into methods that you can call with a single line of code from anywhere in your website.
  • jQuery also helps to simplify complicated things from JavaScript, like AJAX calls and DOM manipulation.
  • The jQuery prime motive is to work with the DOM this includes dealing with the DOM, finding elements, changing UI, and so on. With jQuery, you do dom-manipulations in efficient ways.
  • The jQuery library contains the following features HTML/DOM manipulation, CSS manipulation, HTML event methods, Effects and animations, AJAX and Utilities.
  • jQuery works like a plugin for a website that facilitates extra facilities without changing the structure.

JQuery Code Sample


<input type="text" id="name" placeholder="please input your name" />
<div id="output"></div>

JavaScript Part

   var name = this.val();
   $("#output").text("Hello "+name);


AngularJS is a framework based on JavaScript. It can be easily added to any HTML document. It extends HTML attributes with Directives. It binds data to HTML with Expressions. In simple words AngularJS extends HTML with new attributes. AngularJS is built as a sophisticated layer that works on top of jQuery. It gives the facilities for adding MVC concepts to applications.

  • AngularJS gives data-binding and other features in the web application. AngularJS gives facilities to work with Controllers, Services and Directives.
  • AngularJS is an open source MVC-based framework.
  • AngularJS is built on top of jQuery structure. This means once you add jQuery in an application, AngularJS can use it for its own DOM manipulations as per the requirements of an application.
  • With AngularJS lets you create whole web-applications as Angular JS is a complete framework.
  • AngularJS is a set of different related tools for development so it is called a toolbox. These tools help in programming to solve various problems like routeing, model bindings, dom manipulation, etc.
  • AngularJS is a library written in JavaScript. AngularJS is distributed as a JavaScript file, and can be added to a web page with a script tag:
  • It gives facility for Two-Way data binding in a web application.

AngularJs Code Sample

<div ng-app="myApp">
<input type="text" ng-model="name" placeholder="Please Input a name" />
<div>Hello {{ name }}</div>

This way you can decide whether you need jQuery to create an application or you require angularjs . It depends upon the nature of application, if you need only simple DOM manipulation jQuery is best choice but if you have to deal with creating complex applications AngularJS is best.

jQuery and AngularJS both are important part of today’s web development. Each one solves different set of problems. Sometimes both of these technologies overlap and work together.


So is there any other difference between jquery and angularjs which I have missed, you can comment down below.

jquery vs angularjs

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