Why JavaScript Learning is best for the software developers

We already know about JavaScript. But today I will be discussing JavaScript features and JavaScript development process.

I was wonder about JavaScript last 10 years. Because JavaScript can give us frontend UI/UX interactivity design with very easy codings. JavaScript can access all browser objects like the printer for print, browser screen size, microphone, webcam, audio and videos etc.

But this JavaScript had some issues about securities and file writing, data writing before 2010. But I was some little research about JavaScript. Then I found JavaScript can be working with operating systems. But that was a too lengthy task.  Then I left that research. After few years letter, I hear about NodeJs. Then I was checkup the NodeJS and found NodeJS working for System-level access through JavaScript.

Steve Job was told an Interview in 2010. IT Industry futures on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. When said this statement that time Adobe flash is most popular in website designing fields. They wanted to prove the statement was wrong then they built flash builder software for system-level development. But most of the flash developer not like that. Also, I was not like. And when I was found NodeJS then I believed It will be worked in future too long time. And I learnt about JavaScript more.

Today, JavaScript is the most popular name in Software Development Field. Any type of Software Developer little bit working with JavaScript. Before 2013 JavaScript was pretty much simple, sometimes complex about browser compatibility. That type issues solved with JQuery. Jquery is most popular JS Library. It is very small size footprint. with maximum enhancement development skills to beautiful UI design. You can find so many plugins with JQuery.

Recently, In Software Industry have so much popular about Angular. I think all software developers already know this name. Did you know way Angular is most popular in this Software Industry? The first reason is vast marketing about angular.  But It has some cool feature have also the second reason. Because most of the software developer working with JQuery easily. But Angular is not so much easy task. There have so many complexes. But also it is popular. the second reason is some cool features. It has some MVVM procedure. which is best features. But I think some peoples thinking We know MVVM. But what is exactly that? M=Model, V= View. So It stands for Model View View Model.

Some Softwares ask me, Model basically works with the database. But Angular cannot access the databases. So where is the Model? Then I tell them JavaScript Part is the model of Angular which is the bridge between the server end and the client end. And HTML part is view.

That time they said me I wanted to be a JavaScript Developer but I don’t have any interested in any other language. So Now what I can do now. Because Angular not working on the server end. Then I said them JavaScript has all solution to solve their problems. Because JavaScript has system virtual machine also. Its provide by Nodejs Foundation. They have created JavaScript Based System-level environment. So you can learn about this. It has also Website Framework which called ExpressJS. For NodeJS JavaScript Fans made every type of requirement application framework and tools. JavaScript is So much fun language. Because It is easy and very effective also you can develop any kind of development using this for any platform. Here has everything.

So I think you can understand why software developers love JavaScript. But this short article can not cover all things with JavaScript features. But It is a wonderful language I ever was seen.

Why JavaScript Learning is best for the software developers

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