Why C Language is Important in Software Learning

It is a general advice for every programmer to learn C first or to share your programming skills in C language, why? The reason is the powerful features of this awesome language. In this article I will discuss some great features of this widely popular and highly useful computer programming language. Several reasons are there that states that C is a very important language.

C Language is base of other programming languages

C is a very successful computer language and it’s descendants (C++, Java, Objective C, but also many dynamic languages like Perl, Python or JavaScript) are well alive. The programming language C holds an interesting ecological niche as it has been thought from the beginning as a kind of portable assembly language, which means that conversion from a C program to any Assembly Language (language of the instruction set of the processors) is intended to be straightforward. That is still mostly true more than 40 years after the definition of the first C language.

Most Programming Language has same syntax as C

Program building blocks like comments, loops, arrays etc are used in every language and fortunately you lean all these stuff when you learn C programming language

You cannot complex language elements without basic programming elements

Many languages use complex features like inheritance, polymorphism , overloading, overriding , run time bindings these features cannot be understood unless and until you have a proficiency in a language like C. Learning these complicated concepts needs the knowledge of the basic language elements. These complex concepts are excessively used in languages like C++, C# or Java.

Modern Tools and frameworks needs C to work

In modern time many advanced software’s tools and frameworks are made for different purpose in language like C++ and Java. To use and work with these frameworks and tools C language elements are used.

Best languages to make operating systems

C has a high execution performance so when it comes to write programs where high execution performance is required C probably the first choice. That’s the reason why popular operating system like Windows, UNIX, and Linux are written in C.

Device Drivers codes can be written in C for best

Drivers are most important part of Operating systems; we need to install these drivers if we want to work with hardware devices. We know major of operating systems are written in c language so we need c language to write these drivers to ensure the best compatibility and higher performance.

C makes devices to run faster

The best language to be used in microprocessors is C, these microprocessors are used in various devices like phones, washing machines etc. C language ensures that programs are running fast and also take less amount of memory.

C language is widely used in developing computer game.

Due to low execution time, it can execute the commands fast. As in games players send commands fast so computer game programmers prefer to use C when they code games.

These points tells the importance of C language , it is more than 40 years when C was evolved but even in modern world C is very relevant and useful to learn.

why c language is important

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