How to become a hacker

Hacking is a quiet interesting job for many people as it has been showed in many films since ages and in this digital era people with an interest in computers find it interesting and wish to learn it. But it is not that easy as it seems. To become a hacker you must have deep knowledge of the various system and programming languages. To break into a system you should know the detailed information and skill to create the same.

In this article, I will share few tips to be a hacking expert.

1. Thinking of the user’s mentality.

When you want to hack any personal email or facebook account then you need to first understand the user’s mentality. How they behave, how they react, by analysing these things you can assume the password. Every people use a specific combination of letters for their passwords, which can be tracked by understanding their mentality.

2. Good Knowledge on System.

Good knowledge of computer system or website which you want to hack is mandatory. If you know the architecture of a system well and you have the capability to create the system, then you can break that easily. Once you understand how a system works, you’ll understand how they don’t.

3. Understand the security process and applying the encryption/decryption coding process.

To hack any system or website first you need to understand the security system running in it. By understanding the security system you can get access to the data of the website or system. When we get data from the database server, then most of the time it is obvious that we get passwords in encrypted format. So here you need to have good knowledge on encryption and decryption to decrypt the password to make it useful. Here in below, I am showing you a simple encryption and decryption code in PHP.

Encryption Programming Code by PHP

function data_encode($name,$phone,$password){
    $str = "$name#$phone#$password";
    $encode = base64_encode($str);
    echo "Encoded: ".$encode."<br>";

Decryption Programming Code by PHP

function licence_decode($encode_data){
    $str = base64_decode($encode_data);
    echo str_replace("#","<br>",$str)."<br>";

It  is a simple PHP encryption / decryption code that you can apply in the system to enhance your system security or can use to hack any other system.

4. Getting the System information and database injection process.

To hack any system first you need to get the system information first. After getting system information it will become much easier to find database path. Then you need to apply SQL injection technics to play with the database. I have shown a simple code in Python to get system information.

Server Information Codes by Python

import os
for a in  os.environ:
    print(a+" : "+os.environ[a])

These codes give you all system information.

5. Getting Good knowledge on Computer programming language

Learning programming languages in depth is a must to become a hacker. You can use these languages to build hacking tools. Python is a good language to start with, it is easy to write and well documented, relatively kind to beginners. Despite being a good first language it is also flexible and powerful enough to handle large projects. Other alternative languages to get your hands dirty on are Java, C, C++.

Once you learn the fundamental of programming languages, database servers most of the system and codes will become fairly readable, even if you don’t know the specific language. So start learning fundamentals, then go deep in it, start building things. When you know to build system, then you can poke into it to break it.

how to be a hacker

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