The Future of Mobile App Development

It is a not a big surprise to know that about 179 billion mobile applications are downloaded per year. This big figure indicates about the future of mobile apps .It is a fast growing sector. Like other software developments, Mobile application development is greatly influenced by advancements in technology. Below are some of the trends we are concluding that will determine the future of mobile application development.

Wearable device

Mobile apps in the future will be made for wearable devices too. These Wearable apps run directly on the devices and have functionality to give simple means to control and access the hardware, these are attached with. These hardware examples like sensors and the GPU. These apps will be having almost same fundamental to create as general apps but these will be differ greatly in design as well as in usability. These apps will be more powerful and the amount of functionality. Smart wearable like Apple Watch and Microsoft’s Hololens are still popular smart wearable.

Internet of things

You can develop complex mobile applications that are based on the concept of Internet of Things. These apps will be used for real-time analysis and other tasks on real phones and tables. It will be possible to create native apps for the iOS and Android app that will use internet of things prototype model. Smart objects such as LED light bulbs, domestic appliances or even sports equipment, medical devices and controllable power sockets etc. will be controlled by apps of future. These domestcic and specific smart objects will be a part of the Internet of Things and will communicate through dedicated Apps.

Cross platform and cross-device development

A cross platform mobile app development market will be in demand as we know there are almost equal users of android and ios devices. So the next generation need apps those are compatible with both these platforms. The UI needs to be made with care as it must have self update feature to match each system. Cross device app will also be in trend as people will use various kinds of devices .Thus apps those are cross device compatible will be in high demand.


According to eMarketer analysis there is a record 19% of retail e-commerce sales in 2014 came through mobiles especially Smartphone or tablet. The trend will continue in next upcoming years.Various analysts believe this positive trend will continue in the next decades too. Consumers adapt to m-commerce due to easiness.

Different types of sensors in mobile devices

Most mobile phones have today location sensor. Motion sensing apps are also used for security purposes, anti-theft systems as well as power-saving and games. In future more kind of sensors will be embedded in these apps and sure these will be useful and will have latest technology.

Enterprise Apps

There are quite big opportunities even today in enterprise app. It will be sure that mobile app development for enterprises will be in more demand rather than consumer apps. More intelligent apps ensure greater productivity and reduced overall costs of operations for enterprises. These trends will continue for next upcoming years in mobile app development.

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