7 Ways to Search for Job while You are Currently Employed

One thing in IT industry is consistent that you need to update your knowledge regularly to be competitive in the market. But there are many cases where most of the people find that their current job is not actually encouraging them to do something challenging or develop new skills. So only option left to them is to move on and get a new job which is currently working on latest technologies.

If it is a similar scenario as yours and you started to formulate your new job search, then it is important to keep it discreet.

Most job hunters fear that their exit plans will be discovered by their employer, and it can easily happen if you are not careful enough. A simple conversation with your co-workers can make your boss aware about your new plans or may be it is your behavior that makes your employer aware of it.

Then what should you do without getting noticed by your current employer about it? Should you leave the job to plan for new one? No, the reality is that vast majority of people do and will do search for their next opportunity while still employed.

Here are few tips to hunt for new opportunities and still be the faithful employee of the current employer.

1. Confidentiality

Make your job seeking plans only to yours and keep them confidential. May be some of your colleagues are your good friend and you trust them, but it isn’t worth to take the risk. Remember, I am not saying that they are not trustworthy, may be actually they are, but a simple information may have slipped through their mouth in a conversation and that creates a gossip within the organization.

Don’t make your plans public until you have got your offer/appointment letter with the starting date, which is in a short span of time. Do not allow your boss to find out that you are leaving.

2. Check Contact Details

While creating or updating your resume for new job always double check all the details which you have provided on it, specially your contact details. Always use your personal email address rather than work email address.

3. Avoid searching in working hours

Quickly scanning through job ads, email checking and reading your recruiter messages in your lunch time is one thing, but do not search for new jobs during your working hours at your work area. It is unprofessional and will make it clear that you leaving. Also don’t use your work computer and Wi-Fi connection register with recruitment consultancies or update your CV.

4. Organise interviews in your off time

It is good to organize your interviews in your own time, when your office hours are complete or it will be better to make it on a holiday. This is polite to your employer and removes stresses for you as the interviewee. If you unable to do it, and use your working hours for an interview, you will be nervous and worried about being found out and it will have negative impact in your interview performance.

5. Use social media carefully

When using social media most of the people take a chill and share whatever on their mind and various activities. But stay away from doing this related to job search, do not share any stories and updates related to your current intentions regarding your job. There are many cases where people are getting fired from their companies for using social networks not carefully.

6. Keep reference details hidden

Keep your reference details with you until you got your offer or they are asking for it for further progress in the process of getting the job. This prevents your current employer from being contacted too early in the process, before you’ve had a chance to speak with them.

7. Keep your performance at work consistent

If your employer found that you suddenly started performing less, then it will be an obvious signal that your mind elsewhere and you ready to move on. But you have to make sure that there is a consistency in your work performance and delivery of your projects to avoid being noticed by the employer.

Follow these tips to avoid being noticed by your employer in an early stage and get penalty in various forms like salary holding etc. By doing these you can search for new opportunities at your own speed without being stressed.

If you know any other tips related to this please share.

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