5 Reasons That Make Java Script the Most Important Programming Language

JavaScript is really an important programming language especially for the web developers. It is a highly useful and full of features language. It is a client-side scripting language for web browsers.

Features such as prototypal inheritance, modules, namespaces, anonymous (lambda) functions, and event programming make it vital language for every web programmer. You must know that Gmail is able to function due to java script. Google Map is also having so much importance due to awesome features of java script.

You cannot be considered as a good web developer if you do not have excellence in JavaScript. These 5 Reasons make it clear that Java script is a must to learn and master language of the modern time.

1. Easy to set up

You don’t have to make extra efforts if you want to use JavaScript.  JavaScript is inbuilt within all web browsers and all code also executes within the browser. This way you do not even need to download or install by it on your computer. All you need is an editor where you can write code for your applications and second thing is web browser. Any internet browser you use for surfing web is sufficient. Thus you can set up, write and execute JavaScript code without hassles. Web browsers are free to download so the java script.

2. Easy to find errors

If you write java script code it is easy to debug for errors. Almost all web browsers not only execute it but also give you easy methods to debug the code. You can modify and execute the code fast. All changes will be easy to implement in real time.

3. Powerful and highly useful as AJAX

AJAX technology is really a turning point in web application development. The full form of Ajax is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML .This make is possible to refresh a specific portion of web page instead of refreshing the whole page if needed. Thus high performance web pages are only created with java script.

4. Free Frameworks and Libraries

Frameworks and language libraries are highly useful for any application development. You can use these frameworks and libraries to start development with inbuilt features .It make possible to develop applications fast .Developers resort to use popular frameworks and useful  libraries .Many awesome java script libraries are available free to use. Frameworks like AngularJS, Backbone.js, and Bootstrap are most used java script frameworks today. Popular libraries jQuery, Prototype, and Dojo are backbone of web development in the current time.

5. Java script programmers are need everywhere

Web applications based on java script is getting more popularity day by day. Many awesome features in any websites can be added with the help of java script quite efficiently. Thus the need of skilled java script programmers is increasing day by day. You can get good job in web development if you are java script expert.

Learn JavaScript and enhance your skills, as it is the language of today and you have a safe future in this powerful language.

javascript an important programming language

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