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I am A Passionate Software Developer, Software Technology Trainer and Entrepreneur.

Welcome to my official website.

I am A Passionate Software Developer / Software Architect / Software Engineer, also I am a Software Technology Trainer and Entrepreneur. I love to play with various Software development Programmings and do coding with that. Always I trying to acquire new software development technology knowledge. And Also, I trying to working with this. I have dream to create a world-class Software Product and Service. For that reason I am an Entrepreneur.

I can solved any programming related problems very easily. Because I love it. But Also have So many other sides, like tasks management, money management, team management etc. Where i am not So much experts. But I slowly gain experience and knowledge on this fields.

But I am trying to helps others by my skills and knowledge.

My Core Skills are:

Website Development for Server-side application using Java & Spring-boot, Typescript & NestJS, PHP & Laravel.

Website Front-end Development Angular, ReactJS, VueJS etc.

Mobile Application Development with Flutter(with Dart Language). Native Android application development with Java Language.

Full-stack Development with MEAN, MERN and Java Spring Framework.

My Experiences:

I worked with 20+ companies as a freelance Software Developer trainer. Also I develop 50+ Software Modules for Various Freelance Projects.

But My Major Involved areas and Companies are:

Larnr Education

It is an Education Portal. Which is Primarily Developed By Me. and Also Founder. From This Portal I wanted to engage to other trainers who wanted to teach some new comers. Also Students will get helpful skills and knowledge for their career and knowledge.

Medust Technology Pvt. Ltd.

It is a Software Development Company. Where we are giving software and Website development related supports. I was CEO and CTO position hold in this company.

Google India.

It is a very well known company. I works as a Software Architect in This company. I was develop Software Structure Planning and Flow Diagrams and doing some codes on the project.

Tata Interactive Systems

It is a e-learning based company. Here I worked as Technical Associates. My responsibilities was Design Integration in the Interactive Learning Course based project.

Shibaji Debnath

Ex Google Software Developer and Instructor

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