Career Guidance Workshop

Now we have so many career options for students. Especially when students want to build their careers in the software development field. Most of the students have institutional education in their minds. but they don’t know how to start their career. How do they get the proper education and knowledge to become their first income source? This career guidance workshop for students will help them understand their future professional paths. This workshop provides a platform where students can gain invaluable insights into various career options, understand their strengths and interests, and make proper decisions about their educational and career options.

  • Why do you need career guidance?
  • The Importance of Career Guidance
  • Key Components of a Career Guidance Workshop
  • Benefits for Students
  • How to Get a First Job in Your Desired Company / Job Role.
  • How can a student start a business or startup without experience and funding?
  • Choose a better career option for the future.


This workshop equips students to take charge of their future. To provide clarity, reduce uncertainty, and provide students with the necessary skills, this workshop presents the way to successful and fulfilling career goals. With 15 years of experience, professionals and mentors recognise the importance of career guidance, and more students will have the opportunity to benefit from these transformative experiences, ultimately leading to a more informed and prepared workforce.

Career Building Workshop
Duration: 5 Hours
Mode: Online Live
Admission: Close
Avaliable Seats: 100
Booked Seats: 100

Starting Date and Time:
June 30th, 2024 7:00pm
Ending Date and Time:
June 30th, 2024 10:30pm
Ticket Price: ₹500.00 ₹149.00

Career Building Workshop

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