Which language is easier between Python and Java?

Python and java are two most popular technologies today. Both of them have specific advantage and disadvantages. But the recent studies say python has taken command over java. Now people are intending towards this new language. Python and Java are really having many dissimilarities and it is no hard to say these two are very different programming languages. Both have different set of tools; these tools are used for specific purpose.

If you are a newbie and want to learn a powerful but easy language, python is the answer. It is easy and simple to quickly start writing code. Java is however not easy to learn but the power to execute programs on variety of platforms makes it choice of expert programmers those need to write platform independent code.

Still python is choice of major let see why!

Dynamic vs Static variable

Python and java have different approaches towards important program element called variables.

Each of these languages handles variables in different ways. Java is a strict typed language it means it is necessary to declare the type of a variable at the time of declaration and also it does not permit to change the type of variable later in the program. This way of variable handling is called static. In contrast python is highly flexible in terms of type of variable.  Python is based on dynamic typing model. You can change the type of variable as per your requirement. Thus changing of type of variable puts more flexibility in programming. It is easy and possible to change an integer variable with an entire different type, for example you can change the type of variable from integer to string any time in the program.

As python provides dynamic typing it is very suitable for beginners. It is easy for them to use variables without worrying of its type.

Braces vs Indentation

Python is having another main difference with other programming languages including java as it uses an entire new way to separate block of codes. This new way is indentation to show code block. Java continues the traditional approach towards code blocks and use well-known curly braces syntax for the same purpose.  

Indentation separation of blocks make program easy to read and understand. This, not only improves readability but also ensures about errors occurs due to missing braces. This indentation syntax is very useful in nested blocks of code.

Speed vs Portability

Python programs are faster in execution this is done at the cost of platform indecency. Java is a platform independent language that makes sure program will execute on each device that is able to install JVM (Java virtual machine). Python programs are platform specific and native to particular operating system so these are well optimized for a particular machine and hence ensures more speed.


It is no doubt  Python is an easier language to learn if you know nothing about programming and in terms of java it is hard for new programmers to learn concepts of java. Python is machine native but highly flexible language.

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