What is the future of android developer?

Everyone who is making an effort to build a career in IT industry, or looking for a better way to start career in this field becoming an android developer is certainly worth. Statistics depicts that each person who has smart phone has used at least 27 apps per month on their phone at last quarter of 2014, and this number has been increased in these years. These apps are mostly android apps. These apps help make our lives quite simple. We can say everyone interact with androids apps at least few times in a single day.

The reasons why android apps development is a promising career are as follows.

Android development has awesome future ahead

As far as android is concern it is a technology for today as well as of future. Everyone is using mobile phones to do many things these days. Mobile phones are used for doing shopping, watching movies, booking tickets for movies, airline tickets or railway ticket booking. Most of mobile phones use androids apps for performing these tasks.

Android Development is future of software development. As the no of users of smart phones are increasing exponentially every day. There is tremendous growth potential is in android

A path towards promising career

Android is leading player of smart phones, it is having a great market share that is more than 80%. If you look at the salaries a big parameter for a career choice, of android developers it is on an average is 249K (INR) annually in India. This way we can easily say that android developers are in high demand in IT field and future looks more promising in this field. There are big and small companies are hiring Android developers. It is growing rapidly, so if any developer join in, it can be easily considered a wise decision.

Work on Your Idea or as a freelancer

Android developer can chose the way he really wants to work. You can work as a full time android developer in corporate companies or you can establish yourself as a freelance developer. If you wish you can work on your own ideas to create and sell android base software or apps.

There are plenty of ways to earn as android developers. Android applications let you earn by various ways. Sell your created app, place ads on your app and take money from advertisers or outsourcing you app to do some tasks for others. This way it is simply concluded, androids development has lot of potential and it is the best, trending and solid career option.

Android is used for creating application for mobile phones as well as it is used for android device drivers. This way Android applications platform promises a huge potential in information technology sector. The job market for Android is on momentum so it is a smart career choice in today world. So start today and get your fingers create and run an android app. It seems a never ending demand of skilled android developers. Job market is big and average salary of android developers is quite big in compare of an average career.

future of android developer

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