Looking for a highly skilled and experienced freelance software engineer, developer, or trainer? Look no further than Shibaji Debnath. With a deep passion for technology and a vast understanding of various programming languages and frameworks, Shibaji brings excellence to clients worldwide.

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Unparalleled Expertise

With extensive experience as a freelance software engineer, developer, and trainer, Shibaji possesses the technical prowess to tackle any project. Whether you need a custom software application, website development, or expert training in programming and software development, Shibaji has the skills and knowledge to deliver outstanding results.

Reliable and Efficient:

Shibaji's commitment to excellence and a track record of successful projects ensure that your projects are in capable hands. You can rely on Shibaji's expertise to provide reliable, efficient, and top-notch solutions that meet your unique requirements.

Tailored Solutions

Shibaji understands that every project is unique. With a keen eye for detail and a customer-centric approach, Shibaji works closely with clients to understand their specific needs. The result is a customized solution that exceeds expectations and drives success.

Training and Consultancy

In addition to software engineering and development services, Shibaji offers freelance training and consultancy. Whether you need assistance in honing your coding skills or expert advice on software development best practices, Shibaji's training and consultancy services are designed to empower individuals and organizations alike.

Experience the Shibaji Debnath Difference

Join numerous satisfied clients who have benefited from Shibaji Debnath's freelance software engineering, development, and training services. Take your projects to new heights with Shibaji's expertise, commitment to excellence, and dedication to delivering exceptional results.

Shibaji Debnath

Shibaji Debnath

Software Engineer, Developer and Trainer

I make people aware about core knowledge and concepts about programming and technology. I don't care about theories, conventions or anything all.

Do you Searching a Better Application Developer? and want make A Market Leading Software Development for your Idea? From this video, you will be know about software development technology uses. How that technology is better for your business growth.

Students and Clients Feedbacks / Reviews

Shibaji is one of the few tutor to whom teaching is synonymous with passion. With vast knowledge and immense patience he guides students to achieve skills and understanding that requires to survive, adapt and touch the pinnacle in the competitive and fast changing IT job market.

Rajarshi Haldar

Website Design & PHP and MySQL Training

Angular 6 Training: Very caring and knowledgeable teacher who gives ample time to students to understand the topics and learn accordingly. Shares good relations with his students even after the course is over. This is a very rare quality of a teacher.

Prasenjit Ray

Angular 6 Training

Having worked with Shibaji Debnath for a few months, I am very impressed with his seemingly endless knowledge of the IT sector, and especially how quickly he completes every project within the set timeframe. Lines of communication are excellent, and he always does exactly what he says he will. My personal project was a couple of websites, one that had been started by another company that was nothing short of a disaster. Shibaji completed both sites to my specification and also provided the necessary specialised hosting. His pricing is very reasonable and he is a really great guy to work with. I thoroughly recommend his services.

M. Metcalf, Bella Shops

Mobile Application Development

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