Why java for android development?

Android is very popular OS for mobile phones today. Millions of apps are there that power different types, models and manufactures mobile phones today. Java the popular programming language is used to develop Android applications. The question is quite generic why java is used for android development, here in this article you will get the answer.

There are solid reasons why java is used for android development.

The main objective behind Android development was to create a platform-independent application environment that can run on every device. As we know java already have this quality so java was chosen for android development. Android applications run on a special virtual machine called the Dalvik VM that is a direct inspiration from java virtual machine called JVM. Android application can run on any device where special Dalvik VM is implemented. These way android applications are compiled and run in optimum performance environment with the feature of platform independence.

The good approach towards software development is the object oriented approach. Java is based on the oops concept. Android relies heavily on Java fundamentals like classes and objects and its other useful features of oops.

Java has an extensive set of libraries. It is easy to take advantage of these libraries. Android SDK has many standard Java libraries included. These provide functionalities for data structure, math functions, graphics implantation, and networking functions and much more. These java libraries help us to do everything else we could want. This way java helps develop Android applications fast and inefficient manner.

Android is made to run on different platforms i.e. hardware platforms. Thus architectural neutrality is desired and necessary. Android code is written once and to execute need to compile and optimise native code for better performance on various devices. Java has platform independent feature so it is used for android development.

Java is very popular language due to its awesome features and performance. The community of Developers those have proficiency is really big. Thus android developers to choose java as there is already a good base of java programmers are available that can help in creating, improving android applications plus with many libraries and tools of java make developers life easier. Large java developer base enables to develop a lot of android apps fast so it is based on java.

Developers those do not use java have to deal with serious problems like memory leads and bad pointer usage. Sometimes these problems harm at the highest level like the crash of application or crash of OS. Android easily implement and fix common problems with other programming languages with the help of Java. These are some problems those never occur when you program with java. Java is machine independent and runs only in JVM space so it protects you from these problems.

Java is the best and the first language for native software development. That is really the only option for native applications, native applications are the heart of android.

Java’s important core features also motivated android developers to use it for development, these features include easy learning, platform-independent, secure, object-orientation.

why java for android development

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