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Make Your business 10x Growth and Optimised Your Cost or Manage team easily with Our Valuable Services.

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Shibaji Debnath

Web Developer / Web Architect, Trainer, Tech Entrepreneur.

Software/Website and Mobile Development Services provided by over 14 years. Our solutions can help to grow your business.

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Shbaji's work in setting up and developing Shield Academy’s website has a...

Dan Seymour, Founder/Director of Football, Shield Academy

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Audio and Video Streaming App

Make Your business 10x Growth and Optimised Your Cost or Manage team easily with Our Valuable Services.

This days internet based business is most popular right now. If you wanted to grow your online business with CRM integration. Then our these services helping you with your unique ideas. And I have good knowledge and experience on internet based software development. Also I can suggest you how can saved money and grow your business with your online business portal.

Who can take this services?

If your business is bigger than 10peoples. And you wanted to manage your business through online. Like leads management, marketing management, employees management etc.

Although this kind of software is available in the online. But that softwares takes your data from your free CRM. That means you worked so hard but your business data is shared with your free CRM.

So, if you wanted to protecting your business data and improve your teams management and business associates and partners with the best way. Then our services needs for your business.

What are technologies used for my online business portal?

Currently we have so many software development technologies is available. But some technologies is too good but that is costly. Some is okay. But that technologies cost effective and cheaper than others.

If you want to cheaper development for online business portal. Then we will be used laravel framework. This is the very good solution for the web. It have all potential features for the web based applications development. Why it cheaper? Because. It has little bit slower than others technology. But as you user you can't understand that. But overall it is too good.

If you have good budgets then we will be offered you Full stack development with Nodejs, Angular or ReactJS. But here have required so many things involved for the online application system. It is very much faster than laravel framework. But It is too must costly and time takes for development the application.

And If you have very good budgets and you wanted to develop like Uber, Netflix and Arbnb types online portal then you needed various types technology is required. And we can give best supports for this kind of online based software development.

So how can grow our business using technology?

Technology used for ordering management. Database handling and improve your business processes. But if you haven't clear idea about business process management. Then our software can't helping you to grow. But if you know about your problems. Then your softwares will be helpful for you every expects. But if you wanted to grow your business with the proper solution then I can give guarantee your business will be generated 10x better than others. Because technology based business gives Tracking Solutions where you can manage your your money, employees, partners and associates. Also you will be know how much growing your business every month or quarters.

So can you gives me the quotation for it?

Yes, I can gives you the best possible fitted technology and budgets respective your softwares requirements. If you have wanted to know about that then you press the Hire Me button of the sidebar and post your requirements. Then we'll be given you the proper solutions for your business.

Do you want to develop your awasome project?

Yes, I want to hire for my project.