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Larnr Education - Online Education Portal

This is the Online Learning Portal. Teachers and Students Communication Website

Business Requirements:

This is an online education portal. The concept is A Student needs a proper learning guide at a minimum cost and their mother tongue. This portal was developed for mainly Indian specific regional content. But This portal uniqueness is an on-demand learning content will be available for the students.

  1. Get Professional Guidance with low prices.
  2. Keep updated with the updated learnings metarials.
  3. Easy to access and Easy to understand with their mother tounge.
  4. Direct Tutor helps can be get from this portal.

Also here have another part of the teacher's area. where most of the teachers are belong to non-technical backgrounds. they have to be faced various types of challenges.

  1. ContentWritten Challange: The main challenge is the full content creation challenge for that reason teachers can say their own content and that content will be written automatically(Hands-Free Writing). After writing that content tutor can edit that content easily.
  2. Publicity and Pormotion Challange: This sections are developed with the articles. If any piece of content wants to publicaly then this portal can be helped that part. After Publishing the content will be share all of the potential users and facebook pages and other online media platforms. Where a tutor can get more and quicker visibilities. and they got benifitted form it.
  3. Earning Option and Monetization: Here tutor can get more students. And tutor can be get more benifitted using this portal. Outstanding Articals gives monetization income. Second is Online Recorded session can be sales from this portal.

Project Requirements to Develop:

Here are the main requirements of this portal. So how I solved these problems. The first things are Student learning section is important but the more important is Tutor Engaging and Benefits. Also required Admin part for manages the data.

  1. Admin Panel - Admin can observe articles, videos and teachers, students profiles. Or can be managed that profile from admin panel. Also payments parts can be manages from admin panel. Website Visitor Activity Tracking and Observing the Teacher and Students Activity. Articles and Videos Reviews from this panel also.
  2. Teacher Panel - For this part main focus is content creation and their content activity tracking. also they can watch their income statements.
  3. Students Panel - For this part main focus is learning the contents. Here have video area for learning also with this video have video content section where students that contents in text formatted.
  4. Payments Gateway Setup - Payment Receiving is required when here has course selling, monetory and subscribtion plan is included in this project. for that Payments Gateways integration is required.
  5. Video rendering and optimizing with the bandwith - Like Youtube or Vimeo here have some section for video upload and it will be optimize for the users bandwidth.
  6. Cost Effeciency - Budgets is limited So this solurion is required but cannot expanses for the server infrastracture. For this we need to be create this project for the cost effective. As we earn we will expance as per needs.
  7. Scallability for Future Updates - This project is based on Cost Effeciency So all the required modules or any additional modules not be added in one time. So for this part we needs scallability for future updates.
  8. Security and Backups - It is the another requirement of this project. Data is So much valluable we can not loose the data so for that we needs proper backup for this section. Also we required users can be access it easily and effectively. But unauthorize person can not access others data and keep safe for it. So need proper security for this. 2way Auth is also required for this.

Solutions for Development:

We consider first cost efficiency, Scallabilities for future updates, and Security and Backup. For these reasons, we have selected laravel framework for this project. Also here are use VueJS, VPS for Deployments the project. After then we are developing the project as per requirement basis step by step.

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