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SportsVisio Mobile Application - AI Based Recommendation

This is the AI Based Application for Player's Performance Improvements. This is the mobile platform based.

This is the AI-Based Video Recommendation Application for Players and Viewers. This is a Sports-based application which is performed on Android and iOS. This Application Developed By Flutter.

Application features

  • Video Recording and streaming online.
  • After recording analysis players performance from that video in realtime.
  • Broadcasting that videos and analysis data to the users.
  • Players, Team and Users Data Handling in this application.
  • User can follow the players and teams.
  • Performance Analysis graph and compare between teams and players.
  • Watch hot clips and see the Full length games videos through this application.

Technology used

  • AWS cloud uses for servers backend.
  • Kinasis servers used for video streaming and data analysis perpose.
  • Python, numpy, tensorflow used for AI based recommendations.
  • S3 server used for video files storage.
  • NestJS or ExpressJS used for web application development.
  • PostgressDB used data storage. Redis used for cache memory.
  • Angular used for frontend website development.
  • Flutter used for mobile apps development.
  • Bitbucket used for code storage and versions management or continues development.

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